Support Chris’s Re-election

2019-12-14 07:25 Cincinnati, Ohio
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Chris Monzel has worked hard to insure that our community is safe. He has made public safety a key issue for himself from the first day he stepped into public office. He has remained focused and worked hard to keep our kids, families, and our neighborhoods safe.

Chris has fought hard to protect taxpayers and tax dollars. Chris has been a champion for smart spending, and he views governments fiscal responsibility to be an important aspect of his service as a politician.  He takes great care to insure taxpayer’s money is used wisely and efficiently.

Finally Chris has always backed and worked hard to create controlled and transparent government at both a city and county level.  Transparency is important to Chris because it allows the taxpayer to see exactly what work is being done, how it is being funded, and how well the work is being managed.

If you would like to support Chris and his efforts then feel free to make a donation today. Thank you for supporting our campaign!