Chris Monzel is a leader with a proven track record when it comes to public safety, protecting taxpayer dollars, and insuring government is run transparently and efficiently!

Chris Monzel protects taxpayers dollars, and we appreciate his efforts

Chris is committed to making sure that our government is run right!

It is so important that we each do our part to make sure the community that we live in is a place where everyone can be safe and all voices can be heard.  We must each do our part to make our community a great place for families to prosper, businesses to thrive, and where our community as a whole can work together to be at its best for everyone.  Chris Monzel has a record of standing up for social justice, basic fairness, equal rights, and expanding opportunity for all.

Taxpayer First
Community Safety
Transparent & Efficient Government
Proven Track Record
Honest & Hard Working
Real Leadership


That kind of progress is never easy, but we are not here for the easy fight!

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