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Welcome To Our Website!

Welcome to my website.  I appreciate your interest in my background, my views on important topics, and my campaign.  On the website you will find key information, details on what I believe is important to our community, what I stand for, and ways I am working to make our community better,  Please feel free to reach out to me and my team if you have questions.

Additional Information On Chris Monzel:

Chris Monzel is a proven leader with a track record of success.  He is a dedicated politician that has taken a stand time and time again to fight for what is right and to protect taxpayers.  He brings a common sense approach to the problems our community faces, and he draws from his experiences as a family man, business executive, and experienced politician to insure he tackles every problem in a smart and effective manner.  He has always been willing to make the tough decisions to insure that the community and the taxpayers he works for our represented fairly.

Chris believes in three primary objectives that drive his actions as a political leader, and he is dedicated to making sure each of these areas are always at the forefront of his thinking when working to create solutions, develop new ideas, and solve problems.


  • Keeping the Public Safe
  • Protecting Tax Payers Dollars
  • Transparent & Efficient Government That Works for the Voters

On the website you will find many more details about Chris and his work as an Ohio politician.  It is important to Chris that your questions are addressed, so feel free to reach out to our team.  Additionally we would be happy to have you working with our team as a volunteer.  If you would like to volunteer, feel free to sign up here.  We are always happy to accept donations to help our campaign as well.  You can donate by clicking here.