Ohio Primary Postponed

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Ohio Primary Postponed

If you haven’t voted in the Ohio primary on March 17th…well, you still have a chance.

Ohio’s March 17th presidential primary election was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series of events, which played out on a national stage, saw poll workers, the public and even high-level state officials confused over the winding legal process that eventually ended when Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s administration ordered the polls closed via a late-night public-health order. Since then the Ohio State Legislature has passed HB197 which means Ohio’s March 17th primary will now be completed by mail on April 28th.

If anyone wants to vote by mail and can’t print out the absentee request form, you can create your own.

Just do the following:

List your full name, date of birth, full registration address including the county, address where the absentee ballot should be mailed if different from your registration address; one of the following forms of ID: Ohio driver’s license number, last 4 digits of your social security number, or include a copy of an acceptable form of ID…you can put your phone number and email address if you want but that is optional)

Then write “I’m a qualified elector and I’m requesting an absentee ballot for the March 17, 2020 primary.”

Specify if you want a Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or Issues only ballot (choose only one)

Sign your name and the date

And send it to your county’s Board of Elections by US mail or drop it off at the BoE or the BoE drop box outside the Hamilton County BoE at 4700 Smith Road in Norwood.

Then the BoE will mail out your absentee ballot to you…once you get it, you fill it out and put it in the envelope and drop it back in the US mail and No postage is necessary. The BoE pays for postage.

Deadline to request your vote-by-mail ballot is April 25th. Also, the postmark for Absentee ballots is April 27th. Or, you must drop them off at the BoE by 7:30 pm on April 28th.

Also, in-person voting is available only for individuals with a qualifying disability or who cannot receive US mail.

There’s a great video on all of this that you can watch on YouTube called “How to Vote by Mail; Learn the Basics of How to Vote by Mail in Hamilton County!”

Remember to vote…because every vote counts!

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