MSD Phase 2

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Something smells again at the Metropolitan Sewer District…and it’s not just the sewers!

This is former Hamilton County Commissioner, Chris Monzel, and this is the Monzel Report.

MSD sewer rates could be going up 70% due to a recent proposal by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Hamilton County entered into a Federal Consent Decree with the Department of Justice and the EPA to reduce storm water handled by our sewer system and prevent any raw sewage from being discharged.

The Consent Decree has 2 phases…Phase I was completed last year at the cost of almost $1 Billion. We are currently in a Bridge year where we are working on projects and developing the project plan to complete the work needed in Phase 2. However, both the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have submitted separate Phase 2 work plans to the EPA for approval…with the City’s plan costing significantly more money than the County’s plan. Recently the EPA has stated that neither the City or County plans work so the EPA will put their own plan for Phase 2 in place which will cost ratepayers more money…potentially increasing rates by 70%.

This would crush the ratepayers of Hamilton County who are already overly burden by sewer costs. Hamilton County needs to fight this over reach by the EPA by going back to Federal Court and asking for a ruling in favor of the County’s Phase 2 plan. This is the only way forward in protecting the ratepayers of Hamilton County from 70% rate increases…which would really stink.

This is Chris Monzel for the Monzel Report.

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