Hamilton County adds $5 Million to Sewer Backup Program

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Hamilton County adds $5 Million to Sewer Backup Program


On Wednesday, May 24 the Hamilton County Commissioners voted to allocate an additional $5 million to the Metropolitan Sewer District’s sewer backup program (SBU) as communities and individual residents continue to experience significant damage to public facilities and homes from heavy spring rains that have plagued Hamilton County.

“The backups are widespread and need to be addressed as efficiently and fairly as possible,” said Commissioner Chris Monzel. “There is a process that residents need to work through to be compensated for sewer backup damage. The Commission is committed to meeting homeowner needs as quickly as possible.”

The Commission has now committed just over $30 million to the SBU program to meet homeowner requests to repair damages. The County has allocated those funds to the SBU program since a series of major storm incidents, dating back to August 2016 through May 2017, have wreaked havoc in communities county-wide. Residents should click on the following link to see how they might apply for funding under the program.  SBU Program

The Sewer Backup program includes:

  • Professional, industry-certified cleaning and disinfection services
  • Disposal of contaminated property of materials
  • Processing and payment of compensation for real and personal property losses through a formal claim process
  • Planning, detailed design, and construction of sewer backup prevention equipment and systems

Report a sewer backup
If you have a sewer backup (SBU), please report it immediately. You can report sewer backups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note: SBUs must be reported within 24 hours to be eligible for reimbursement of damages.

Phone: (513) 352-4900           Online: Report a sewer backup online

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