Great Oaks Turns 50

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Great Oaks Turns 50

In November of 1970, voters in southwest Ohio approved funding for a new kind of public-school system. This joint vocational school district (JVSD) would serve multiple school districts in Hamilton and Warren Counties. The result: Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District.

It quickly grew as other area school districts decided to join. From there, the Board of Directors searched for other potential campus locations to serve the region. As the district expanded well beyond Hamilton County, eventually serving 2200 square miles of southwest Ohio, the name changed to the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District.

Now, nearly 50 years later, the district is named Great Oaks Career Campuses and serves students at four campuses and in 36 school districts.

An estimated 40,000 high school graduates got their start at Great Oaks. They include at least one Olympic gold medalist, an Emmy Award nominee, business owners, and multiple fire chiefs and police chiefs. They save lives, design buildings, keep us comfortable, build and repair complex machinery, and protect our health. Chances are that nearly every southwest Ohio resident knows, works with, or has been helped by a Great Oaks graduate.

“We want to reconnect with our alumni,” said President/CEO Harry Snyder. “Graduates tend to be more connected to their home school, so over time we lose track of them.”

Snyder said that any Great Oaks alumnus should go to and fill out the information form.

Activities throughout the year will honor the district’s history and the graduates who attended as high school students or adults.

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