Gearing up for 2020 in House District 28th …our petitions have been filed!

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This is former Hamilton County Commissioner, Chris Monzel, and this is the Monzel Report.

The 28th District means so much to me. I have grown up in the 28th District…my great grandmother was from Reading, I attended Moeller High School in Sycamore Twp and my parents currently live in Sharonville. I have relatives serving on both Evendale & Reading City Councils. I have worked in the 28th District first during high school at Bethesda North Hospital in Montgomery and for the past 24 years at GE Aviation in Evendale & Springdale. And I have raised my family in the 28th District in the Village of Glendale. The 28th District is home for me.

As a former city councilmember and county commissioner, I bring the experience of local and county government to the state house. With that experience along with my private sector experience as an engineer at General Electric and being the father of 3 children, I will bring an energy to fight for the communities in the 28th District.

While a County Commissioner, I worked in bi-partisan fashion with Com. Portune to create Cradle Cincinnati. Committed to help every baby in our community live to celebrate their first birthday. This work has paid off with a reduction of 15% in the infant mortality rate over the past 5 years.

And working with Commissioners Hartman & Driehaus we established the Heroin Coalition. Opioid addiction deeply affects our community and every person in it. The numbers are staggering. The struggle is real. Our help is critical. What we do is truly a matter of life and death.

Recently the school report cards have been released across the state. Grades ranged from an A for Madeira school district to a D for Princeton & Winton Woods. We need to share the best practices used by our various school districts from Sycamore & Madeira to Winton Woods and Princeton to improve the educational outcomes for our students…we need to utilize the new certification programs of the Governor’s office to prepare our children for the future economy…and we need to work with organizations like Live Oaks to provide more opportunities for trade, skill and job training for our citizens.

We are blessed in the 28th District with many great corporations and businesses…we need to continue to grow those businesses and provide more job opportunities to our residents…I’ll work with JobsOhio to grow our local businesses to increase jobs. And I’ll work to pass legislation that requires before any new state regulation is enacted, 2 current regulations need to be removed.

Every community deserves to be safe. I have always been a strong supporter of our women and men in public safety…from our local police and fire departments to the county sheriff and 911 operations, we need to continue to provide the resources and training necessary to protect the families and businesses in our communities.

From good schools to job opportunities to safe streets, the communities in the 28th District need a representative that can get things done in Columbus. Someone who will bring common sense for these complex times…and I’ll do just that.

This is Chris Monzel for the Monzel Report.

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