Fri 11 Nov' 16

Thank You To All the Veterans for Your Service

Thank you Veterans for your service and patriotism! You give so selflessly, by putting your country’s needs above your own, to ensure we, the people of this great nation, continue to enjoy our freedoms. May you all be blessed abundantly. Happy Veterans Day! Again, thank you!

Mon 17 Oct' 16

Your Nearest Polling Station in Hamilton County, Ohio

We all know the importance of voting, and we would like your support this upcoming election.  If you are not sure if you are registered to vote, how to register to vote, or you need assistance with where you should go to vote then please follow the link we have included below.  It will take […]

Fri 23 Sep' 16

How to Vote In the State of Ohio and Hamilton County

Voting is am important right that each of us have as U.S citizens.  There is a process to voting and a few things you must do before you can vote.  This article is provided to help you understand what needs to be done to become a voter in the state Ohio and in Hamilton County, […]