Banks Music Venue

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City versus county…here we go again.  Should there be a music venue built at the Banks?

This is former Hamilton County Commissioner, Chris Monzel, and this is the Monzel Report.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a deal between Cincinnati and Hamilton County for the music venue at the Banks might not be close, as seen by a letter recently written by Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley. In the letter addressed to Cincinnati City Council members and county leaders, Mayor Cranley said there are many unanswered questions regarding the deal for the venue and the county’s plan to buy the 15-acre land along the riverfront where the concrete company Hilltop Basic Resources operates. Mayor Cranley also reiterated his preference for another location at The Banks riverfront development for the music venue. According to the Mayor, Lot 24, a larger parcel would not require the moving of Hilltop.

Hilltop’s property is key to the music venue because of the Paul Brown Stadium lease the county and the Bengals signed 20 years ago. The Bengals can veto any buildings in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, which is where the county wants to build the music venue.

The Bengals agreed to waive their restrictions on buildings next to Paul Brown Stadium if the county buys the Hilltop property for additional parking and allows the team to build an indoor practice facility there if it so desires.

Initially when I was on the Hamilton County Commission, I was supportive of building the music venue at the Banks. However, with the recent news of Promo West breaking ground and building a similar music venue across the river in Northern Kentucky, should the County reconsider? Is there a higher value proposition for this location at the Banks? One that could provide more revenue to the county instead?

This is Chris Monzel for the Monzel Report.

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