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Public service has always been a core belief and calling for Chris Monzel. Chris has served as a multi-term Hamilton County Commissioner and City Councilman. Chris now looks forward to the challenge of taking his extensive local experience to the Ohio Statehouse in the pursuit of the goals of his fellow citizens of Ohio’s 28th District. As an elected official, Chris Monzel has been recognized as one of the leading conservative voices in Hamilton County and SW Ohio. He looks forward to proudly representing the people of the 28th House District, which includes the Communities of Blue Ash, Deer Park, Evendale, Forest Park, Glendale, Green Hills, Madiera, Montgomery, Reading, Sharonville, and Springdale, Springfield and Sycamore Townships.


While an elected official, Chris has focused on improving our economy and creating opportunities for economic growth. A strong advocate of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and lower taxes, Chris has been at the vanguard of prudent public investment in infrastructure and institutions, including his initiative to successfully save the Hamilton County Museum Center. Chris has consistently fought to require performance audits and reviews of government and agency’s spending, while fighting for significant overhauls to governmental regulations, getting rid of the red tape that gets in the way of effective government and business growth.

Creating Jobs for Ohio

Job Creation

Chris Monzel has led the effort to improve our local economy, voting to hold the line on taxes by Millions of Dollars $ and by restraining or eliminating the job-killing regulations and red tape at the County level.    These changes helped pave the way for Hamilton County’s economic rebound while County Commissioner.  


Education Focussed

Improving Our Schools

Our children deserve a top-notch education.  That’s why Chris Monzel will fight to improve our schools and why he looks forward to working collaboratively with districts to lessen state red tape and interference while working to increase funding to our local school districts. 


Keeping Families Safe

Protecting Our Families

Chris Monzel has lead the charge to prevent heroin abuse and drug overdoses in Hamilton County while Commissioner.  He has worked closely with local law enforcement, co-sponsoring the local heroin task force and other major initiatives.




Chris Monzel is widely recognized as one of the most effective legislators in Ohio.  Newspapers have endorsed Chris in prior elections and described him as instrumental in passing key initiatives and as a lawmaker with a willingness to work across party lines.    


Elected Officials and Leaders from the 28th District and across Hamilton County agree that CHRIS MONZEL is the right choice for the 28th District!.  Chris has been endorsed by the following leaders in your community and looks forward to your joining them today.

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