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Electing Leadership & Honesty

A commitment to public safety, putting taxpayers first, and transparent & efficient government!

Chris Monzel The Leader

Our Campaign

Chris Monzel is a Republican and is currently serving as a Hamilton County Commissioner in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Our Mission

The taxpayers first, create a safe community for all citizens, and transparent & efficient government in Hamilton County.

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Chris Monzel represents a new generation of Republican leaders!

Our Goals

Taxpayers First

Chris has spent his political career committed to always doing what is best for the taxpayers he represents and the communities they live in.  He is considered one of the most fiscally responsible politicians within the state of Ohio.

Public Safety

Creating a safe community for all of our citizens is important.  Chris is committed to public safety and keeping our community and neighborhoods safe.

Transparent and Efficient Government

Chris believes in transparent and efficient government.  He works hard to make sure government is run the right way.

Why Choose Chris?

Front Page Proven

Chris is a proven family man, business executive, and politician.  He has more than 20 years of experience working within his local community making things better and creating positive change for all.  He has stayed committed to those things that are important to the people within our community, and he has proven time and time again he will do what is right for the taxpayer.

Front Page Honest

Chris has built a reputation of integrity and honesty.  He believes you must live up to the promise to represent what is best for the people even when the decision may not be the easiest for himself personally.  He stands behind his principles and is committed to representing those who elected him.

Front Page

When it comes to leadership, Chris has time and time again proven he is willing to lead in both good times and bad times.  He is willing to do the work and figure out what is best for all.  As a community leader and a proven Ohio politician, Chris has an established a well-documented history of strong leadership.

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